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Added the track, "Window"

Added the track, "Quiet Echos Left"

Brand new site design! Things were getting mighty stale looking there for awhile. Pixeldusters dropped this at the doorstep this AM.

The latest stuff is mostly remixes of yesterday's gems: Welcome to Banares, A Little Sugar, and So Whatcha Want are all worth a download.

Bigisde Left?

JawsBigside Left has been cooking funky breaks with red meat and heartburn-inducing spices since 1995. Accessible and upbeat melodies pulled from every edge of terra firma, LARGE funky breaks and your mother's best a capellas all tied up together: that's Bigside Left... some genuinely tasty material.

Bigside Left strays from traditional arrangement in favor of loose compositions, which quickly jump from one aesthetic to another. Most music under the same color umbrella relies on repetition, and so too does Bigside Left, though the left-shit breaks the monotony so often employed by similar artists through contrasting wildly divergent samples under the consistency of a common breakbeat. While maintaining a constant groove, Bigside Left will flip the listener's expectation, mixing together easy-listening melodies, jazzy stand-up bass lines, sci-fi narratives, and ethnic instrumentation in rapid succession.

The eclectic mix that makes up a Bigside Left track is a refreshing postmodern recipe best served on a 1200 platter next to a tall glass of beer.


WB Television's "Pix at Night" Promo using some of the Bigside track, "Jennifer"


What's On Your Mind

Doin My Thing

Within Earshot (collaboration with Trancenden)


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mp3 Downloads

Bigside Left - Quiet Echos LeftWindow
Sitars and strings are layered to make this track sound much bigger than the source materials. It's subtle, but you might be able to hear the cowbells from Holy Ghost by The Bar-Kays underneath it all...
MP3 | Cover Art

Bigside Left - Quiet Echos LeftQuiet Echos Left
Something relatively different from most tracks listed on this page. Dub elements and robots converse re: spacetime continuum.
MP3 | Cover Art

Bigside Left - Welcome to BanaresWelcome to Banares
Remix of Ustad Vilayat Khan's Arrival In Benares (From Merchant Ivory's Film The Guru)
MP3 | Cover Art

Bigside Left - RemixesA Little Sugar
Another remix of magic from the past... This one is based on Sugar Shack. There's also a version with The Beastie Boy's "So Whatcha Want" accapella on top (following track).
MP3 | Cover Art

Bigside Left - RemixesBeastie Boys - So Whatcha Want
Remix (A Little Sugar)

Same track as above with Beasties vocals.
MP3 | Cover Art

Bigside Left - Sitting All AloneSitting All Alone
Standard Bigside Left Meal with some fun samples to point out: The Swingle Singers' - Bach's Largo from the Harpsichord Concerto in F minor and Don Covay's - Come See About Me
MP3 | Cover Art

Bigside Left - RemixesThe Lennon Sisters - Where Have All the Flowers Gone

Lawrence Welk Classic gets an update:

Bigside Left - YeunglingYeungling Remixes
Remixes of Yeungling (see original farther down the page) by Tal M. Klein, Skizzo Franick, and Prehensile:
MP3 Skizzo Franick - Yeungling
MP3 Tal M. Klein - Yeungling
MP3 Prehensile - Yeungling
Cover Art

Bigside Left - Winter CompilationWinter Compilation 2005-2006
Eight and a half minutes of last year's goodies... Includes Whiner, the Pass the Dutch remix's beats, and much more.

Bigside Left - 420 Blackbirds420 Blackbirds (We've Had Our Share)
This short track is a total oddball. 3/4 breaks carry Bo Duke's sad guitar through the curves and round the bend.
MP3 | Cover Art

Bigside Left - RemixesDeuente - Multi-Panel

The Netherlands' Ludo Maas aka Multi-Panel does some really cool folksy-lofi-electronica goodness. His track, "Deunte" gets the remix treatment with the horsie breaks:
MP3 | Cover Art

Bigside Left - RemixesPass the Dutch - Missy Elliot Remix
Missy and all the asian goodies. This instrumental is part of "Winter Compilation 2005-2006"
MP3 | Cover Art

Bigside Left - RemixesAll Lifestyles - Beastie Boys

Shortie Remix of the Beastie Boy's track with asian Bach loops. Reappears in Winter Compilation 2005-2006
Stream / MP3

Bigside Left - WhinerWhiner
This one's got all the regular bigside spices and a few leftovers from the freezer. Reappears in Winter Compilation 2005-2006
Stream / MP3

Bigside Left - Horseback RidingHorseback Riding Techniques
Vol. 2
More of Vol. 1
Stream | MP3 | Cover Art

Bigside Left - Horseback RidingHorseback Riding Techniques
Vol. 1
Hammonds, Horsies, and LARGE breaks-GIDDYUP!
Stream / MP3 | Cover Art

What's On Your Mind
Belly dancer's rhythms with some good ol American blues... Don't miss the video.
Stream / MP3

Bigside Left - YeunglingYeungling
Fussing with the past results in something else. This got remixed several times, the results of which are posted above...
MP3 | Cover Art | iTunes store linke to AYB compliation

Bigside Left - International BankinInternational Bankin
Lots of beats from percussionists around the world. This one made an appearance on Aniligital's All Your Beats Are Belong To Us compilation.
Stream | MP3 | Cover Art | iTunes store link to AYB compilation

Next Level
Eastern winds and strings float alongside heavy break and deep analogue thumps.
Stream | MP3

Short Stories
Just as the name suggests, several different themes are crammed into one package. These six minutes of random thoughts also appeared on the AYB compilation. Nick Zlonis on the tables
Stream | MP3 | iTunes store link to AYB compilation

Doin My Thing
Western funk essentials baked with middle eastern vocals. Check the video too.
Stream | MP3

Bigside Left - Scientists Discover Jesus in HawaiiScientists Discover Jesus In Hawaii
A group of nerds in the 1950s found Jesus H Christ himself chilling on the beach in Hawaii. JC haunts with steel guitars and hula girls.
Stream | MP3 | Cover Art

Travel Far
Ode to the flying bars of yesterday. This track starts off with a filtered sample of Todd Rungren's Hello and quickly falls into middle eastern oddities accompanied by disco synths.
Stream | MP3

Voice of Truth
Bigside Left says "fuck off, Mr. Bush" with organs and traps.
Stream | MP3

For a lovely lady who goes by the name Jennifer. Cheezy organs over... you guessed it, hard breaks... what else?
Stream | MP3

BIgside Left - Auctioning My NotionsAuctioning My Notions
Another political track put together shortly after Bush's initiation of the "War on Terror"... Mechanical rhythms and southern cattle auctioneers support eastern melodies. Bass provided by Dexter Methorphan.
Stream | MP3 | Cover Art

Hula Girl
(Mercurial Remix of the original ether-floating Bigside Left track)
This one was initially just a few loops and a flash movie... Nate turned this into something MUCH more than it was initially. Vocals are by Michelle Maslen.
Stream | MP3

A Good Listener
Fun one: learn to listen and avoid "production breakdowns."
Stream | MP3

Cha Cha
Happy go fucking lucky, short romp into the cheeziest dimension of the universe.
Stream | MP3

This is the oldest track posted here; done in 98 or 99... The first of many tracks with the middle eastern vibe. A friend brought back lots of recordings from a Peace Corps trip to Armenia and dropped them in front of the sampler.
Stream | MP3